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    Lately, as I’ve aged, I’ve found that getting into subspace is more mental for me than physical as it used to be. Curious whether others have found this true for them and whether mistresses see that in older subs?

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    Do you mean that it takes less physical activity to get you into a state of subspace?

    My experience is that some individuals, especially newer subs, need a physical prompt – such as pain or bondage – to help their minds relax and tune into their bodies, which in turn helps clear the mind. But others only need to enter into a physical space that holds a certain smell or type of music and they are instantly transported into a mental space that is triggered by these anchors. The anchors of these experiences are deeply programmed through years of conditioning, thus are very effective and take less effort.

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    Yes, less physical activity–it’s not that the physical doesn’t contribute, but my journey into subspace doesn’t require pain or bondage, it can be a look or a word. Does that make sense?

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