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    I know there are still places where kinksters and subs and doms can engage in discussions, e.g., fetlife, Maxfisch, but I’m concerned about the constriction of lots of the space where such conversations used to take place, e.g., Tumblr, so I’m hoping that this forum can become a place that promotes a free exchange of ideas and conversations. Not every post will or should generate a response of course, but I am hoping this one becomes a place where such dialogue can take place.

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    True that. It will take time and effort to grow but I’m sure this can become a place for sharing ideas, discussions, and kinky fun stories

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    Hi subwire,

    That is wholly the intention of this forum. We at La Maison du Rouge hope that by providing this space for discussions, we can trim out the shame and judgement that can come along with open forums. Also, since this forum is not densely populated just yet, it will cut out a lot of the noise that social platforms like Twitter and Instagram allow in.

    Thanks for joining!

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    I hope it becomes that space as well–in my experience, most submissives know a lot about shame and judgement and speaking personally it’s extremely hard to believe we’ll not be judged and shamed for our kink. I welcome a space where the intent is to make that possible. Thanks for creating it–it is deeply appreciated.

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