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    For those of you, subs in this instance, who are “out”, how did you decide to come out. I’ve always hidden my kink, partly because of a particularly negative experience I had in expressing my desires to a woman whose reaction was one of disgust and she shared that disgust of me with others–humiliating and not in a good way. And partly I’ve hidden it because of some shame and fear, and I suspect the “hidden” nature adds to the forbidden which is part of the excitement of submission. I suspect it’s why I love being in public and submitting via chastity and other hidden signs of submission. So, how did you decide to be more open? Was it a relief to be out? A negative experience? I’m curious about the why and the results–both positive and negative and any advice you all might have about how to do it. Thanks.

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    I have been out with my kinks for a very long time and have never regretted it. It is very satisfying to not hide my kinky life. I am proud to be Goddess Dia’s slave. I have been wearing Goddess’s collar for more that 2 years and it has never embarrassed me.

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      Thanks Charliebear–glad coming out worked for you. I’m not in a position like you–i.e., collared slave, just a kinky person wondering about how to discuss it with a significant other in my life and wondering if it’s worth the risk. I’ve always seen pro doms to scratch my itch–maybe that’s the best option.

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