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Sure Domina Dia,
My main fetish is the Domme/sub dynamic, which can include or exclude most fetishes based on who I’m with. For example, if my domme loves foot worship, then it’s really exciting for me and a big turn on to worship her feet. But if she doesn’t, and is just doing it because she thinks I want it, then not so much. In this way, a lot can be exciting and hot, like being forced to eat my food out of dog bowl or to clean the bathroom using only a toothbrush, even though – without being forced – those acts don’t excite me.

The fetishes I love most within that context are slut training, corporal punishment, and ass worship (after testing).

I’ve had a lot of good experiences, so I’ll just list one: I was tied face down to a table, and my mistress pulled out a cane and rested it on my lower back. She then ran her hand down my side and said in a matter-of-fact way “this is going to hurt.” The off-handed way she spoke was so thrilling, and it mixed with the fear and anticipation to make it so exciting.

What are your favorite fetishes, Domina?